Full Training Courses 2022

C01-2: Project Management in FM
C02-2: Introduction to Facility Management (FM)
C03-1: The Basic of Buiding Management System (BMS)
C04-1: Smart Building & Advances Technologies (IoT, AI, etc) in FM
C05-2: A Complete Overview of Operation and Maintenance in FM
C06-2: Introduction to Green Building & Energy Conservation
C07-1: Electrical System Maintenance & Operation
C08-1: Pump & Motors: Operation & Maintenance
C09-2: Predictive Maintenance and Advanced Maintenance Technologies in FM
C10-2: Energy Efficiency Management for Energy Audit in Building
C11-1: A Guide to Outsourcing FM Services & Contract Management
C12-1: Noise Control in Building for DOSH Compliance
C13-21 Performance Management in FM: Measuring what's Most Important
C14-2: Operation & Maintenance of Air-conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation System
C15-2: Retro-commissioning in Building: What, How, and When to Do it?
C16-1: Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA)
C17-1: Landscape, Recreation, and Pool Maintenance
C18-1: A Guide to Emergency Preparedness & Response in Building
C19-2: Building Codes, Fire Hazard & Safety
C20-2: 5S Kaizen for Asset & Building Management
C21-1: Security, Surveillance & Access System Management in Building
C22-1: Drainage & Waste Management
C23-2: Chiller and Refrigeration System: Operation & Maintenance
C24-1: Lift & Elevator: Maintenance, Repair, Inspection & Testing
C25-3: Essential of FM: A Complete Crash Course for FM Practitioners
C26-1: Introduction to Sustainability in FM